LAST: Dodo, Baiji and Tilacino Toys by Nicolò Bottarelli
by Harry / May 10, 2012
From Alburno, a collection of handcrafted wood animals that subtly draw attention to the fragility of earth's ecosystem.

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Handcrafted in Bottarelli's studio in Biella, Italy, the toys are all wooden facsimiles of now or near- extinct species; the Mauritian Dodo, Chinese Baiji and Tasmanian Tilacino.



Says Bottarelli, "The aim of the project is to focus attention on the problems related to the extinction of animals that have disappeared, or are disappearing, due to man's actions, and to allow children through play to know them and take care of 'the last surviving toy'."



"We wanted to recreate the forms of extinct animals, ideally bringing them to life. The animals are made using simple shapes that show their most characteristic aspects stimulating the interest and imagination of the child. They are also equipped with wheels to facilitate the gameplay."

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