Lace Metal Lamp by Form Us With Love
by Harry / May 3, 2012
From @FormUsWithLove, a floor lamp made with sheet metal with gradient sized holes that resembles textile or lace.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says FUWL, "The idea behind the Lace metal lamp came up while visiting a Swedish metal working industry called Häfla Bruk - one of Sweden's oldest companies, established in 1682."


"When we visited Häfla, they had just invented a new technique of manufacturing expanded metal with gradient sized holes. This struck us as something very poetic, resembling textile or lace. We immediately felt that we wanted to make a lamp with this material, it has great characteristics for a lampshade."


"We always wanted to work with expanded metal since it's so rational, there is nothing going to waste when produced, the holes are made by puncturing and stretching the metal."


"The result is a lamp made out of metal but that has a look of lightness and fragility. The gradient holes spreads the light in an atmospheric, almost etheral way." More at Form Us With Love. Photos: Jonas Lindstrom.

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