Treasury by Jan De Vliegher
by Harry / April 28, 2012
Via @MWeissGallery, a new exhibition monumental paintings by Belgian artist Jan De Vliegher which "reference the artist's obsessive hunt for otherwise overlooked porcelain plates."

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"United in their ritualistic and repetitive compositions the series of circular abstractions reveal De Vliegher's fascination with the painting experience while also speaking to broader themes of contemporary collecting."


"Like a cultural anthropologist, De Vliegher meticulously documents his varied sources of inspiration in their traditional museum context. The lush colors, dramatic brushstrokes and overpowering scale of his work, however, starkly diverge from the otherwise controlled subject matter. The subsequent rush-infused paintings transcend their representational qualities and assume the commanding presence of contemporary abstractions." More at Mike Weiss Gallery.

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