Top Secret USB by Rob Hermes & Marlies Romberg
by Harry / April 28, 2012
From her-berg, a porcelain USB key with a classic wax seal, "a combination of foregone times and the present."

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Say Hermes & Romberg, "Digitization is in full progress. Slowly almost all analog information is being transferred to a digital medium. The Top Secret USB stick is meant to be one of such modern mediums."


"On it, memories can be stored that deserve more than just a digital folder on a desktop computer. Such dear and beautiful memories as a diary, baby-pictures, a wedding album. The Top Secret usb stick is also suitable for a business message, like a contract, a manual or a business quote."


"This porcelain usb stick with classic wax seal is a combination of foregone times and the present. Porcelain is an honorable commodity but is delicate at the same time and should therefore be carefully used. This is why the material of the product is connected to the concept; 'Personal information is fragile! So handle with care.'"

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