Odyssee Ring Collection by Monomer
by Harry / April 20, 2012
From monomer, a 3D printed ring collection named according to Greek mythology; ring forms for female figures and patterns for male deities.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Aurora Helios

"'monomer' is the ancient Greek word for single component. However, the term is also used in the chemistry for a molecule that may react chemically to another molecule of the same type to form a larger molecule."


Maia Dionysos

"Characteristic for monomer are design features which seem to be impossible in traditional jewellery production. Until today jewellery design was limited either by limitations of mass production methods, casting for example, or by limitations connected to the handcrafted production process."


Hera Helios

"monomer is now crossing these limitations by using the newest technologies. High-tech normally used for prototype production, special tool manufacturing or for medical implants for example is used by monomer to create jewellery 'in' the computer using CAD Software."


Hera Minos


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