Frame by Pinch Food Design
by Harry / March 31, 2012
From @pinchfooddesign, a frame for food serving, part of a collection of "food furniture" by event catering and design company Pinch Food Design.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"FRAME is an example of what Pinch refers to as 'Interactions,' stationary or moveable installations that present food in an interactive way... one way the FRAME is used [above]: pastry bags filled with savory sauces hover over potato chips that spiral around skewers."


"ICE MORTAR - TJ designed and built copper structures that hold large containers made of ice. Cocktails are muddled and chilled inside the ice bowls. Bartenders pull the attached lever forward to serve individual drinks."


"HINGE looks like a large cutting board with neat rows of sushi when it's first brought out by one waiter. Within seconds, several waiters appear and stretch the board out by its hinges. The HINGE is actually made up of several hinged walnut planks measuring 3"x18", and stretches out to 9 feet. Once the sushi is taken by guests, the waiters fold it back up and leave."


"WALNUT COPPER TRAY provides neat little holders for individual hors d'oeuvres. The coppers cups fit into carved circles so they're flush with the surface of the wood tray."

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