Kibako Light Shelf by Louis Maucout and Mathias Astúa
by Harry / March 22, 2012
From Atelier Astúa and Louis Maucout, a wall lamp that contrasts the traditional Japanese Andon lamp "with the abstraction of modernity."

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"Turned off, Kibako presents itself as the simplest expression of a Andon volume: a rectangular parallelepiped."


"Turned on, the lamp reveals its only ornamental detail: the wood's grain."


"The soft lighting is obtained by filtering LED lights trough a thin wood veneer sheet. This treatment allows for a natural vibration similar to the one found in traditional lamps made with candles."


"Also, a small halo of light separates the Kibako lamp from the wall, accentuating its shape when the lamp is in the dark." Photos: Ioana Mello.

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