Claudio Chair by Arquitectura-G
by Harry / March 22, 2012
From ARQUITECTURA-G, a chair where the starting point is the arch as element, and its repetition.

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"The arch, traditionally related to the heavy solid construction rather than to the framework, is here decontextualized using it in a small scale piece made out of thin wood planes."


"The lower part of the legs is rounded so each one only leans in a single point. Then, the legs make up an L-shaped cross-section which transforms into arches in each plane, making the joints under the seat stiff."


"To form the back, the rear arch grows without touching the seat - a horizontal plane that reinforces the categorically geometrical character of the piece- until it reaches the proper height."


"The trapezoidal form of the seat breaks the formal purity of the whole, giving in exchange a fake illusion of vanishing point, in the way of forced perspectives of the renaissance and the paintings of Chirico." More at Indoors.

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