IS01 Risotto Serving Spoon by Inga Sempé
by Harry / March 20, 2012
From @ingasempe, an award-winning risotto serving spoon for Alessi. "I wanted a spoon that was slender and round, as simple and as pleasant as eating a risotto."


Says Sempé, "Given that I love risotto, I designed it by reflecting on the cutlery and utensils that I have liked: a Danish teaspoon with a very round bowl that I used as a little girl, later lost, and teaspoons used to eat ice cream, my favourite food, with their flat bowls."

IS01 was the winning project in "Design a spoon", a competition promoted by Domus to celebrate the anniversary of Cucchiaio d'Argento (Silver Spoon), a historic recipe book which, with its 3 million copies sold in Italy and the world and its 12,000 recipes, has been a mainstay in kitchens for 50 years.

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