SKEMAbox Fireplace by Mario Ferrarini
by Harry / March 8, 2012
Via Trendir, a modular wood fireplace system that can store and radiate heat up to eight hours after a fire is extinguished.

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"The combustion chamber, in all its width, hides underneath a practical rollaway log compartment thus perfectly integrating all the practical parts into one single geometrical and clean volume."


"The combustion chamber, which is made of steel, is equipped with a closing system made of ceramic glass that allows a lower consumption of wood and pellet, but ensuring always a high flame."


"This fireplace respects the environment, it is possible to install it with a connective system, that is to say with heat pumps to spread the heat into the other rooms as well, or with a radiant one, covered with ceramic material, that stores up the heat and spreads it up to eight hours after the fire extinction." More at Antonio Lupi.

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