Clouds Root Trays Wang Shu
by Mike / March 5, 2012
Via @designboom, two irregularly shaped mirror-polished steel trays designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Wang Shu for Alessi.

Part of Alessi's (Un)Forbidden City Collection, Clouds Root virtually represents "the relationship between illusion and reality. The irregular shape is visually balanced by the straight edges and the use of solid steel, with a firm, rigid border profile."

Says Wang Shu, "This project originates from memory. Chinese academics love to compare the elusiveness of clouds to the inconsistency of human emotions. The stones in the gardens of academics are clouds but they also represent the love between a man and a woman. This design is driven by my memory of stones in gardens. We always hope to achieve a sound basis in a life that is continually changing, something solid like stone. For this reason, the stones in the gardens are called 'clouds root'. I chose the same name for my tray. The design phase involves forging an image and an uncertain emotion with the utmost precision."

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