matali crasset works
by Mike / February 24, 2012
From @matalicrasset, a monograph from @Rizzoli_Books on the work of Matali Crasset, one of France's leading product designers.


matali crasset works is the first referenced monograph on the work of industrial designer Matali Crasset. The book includes an essay entitled "Matali Crasset Beyond", a set of reviews from design theoretician Alexandra Midal, a preface by the ethnologist Emmanuelle Lallement and an introduction by the curator Zoe Ryan.

The book covers the life of the designer from 1991 to today.

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"Lavishly depicted with more than three hundred sketches, concept renderings, and photographs in a unique and brightly hued book format, the projects are organized thematically, with a special emphasis on materials and process."


"I believe we can have two outlooks on life, either choose to drift along making life a long uninteresting trip or decide to give thought to our actions and open our horizons. As a designer, taking a stand regarding one of these attitudes seems essential. I've opted for a meaningful life where by shifting my focus, I can question the obvious and introduce other possible situations whilst remaining the driving force and actor of any developments and choices." - Matali Crasset


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