Block Vase by Nendo
by Harry / February 23, 2012
From nendo, a set of small bud vases that can be stacked like building blocks. Part of a new collection of 1% products that will be shown at nendo's solo exhibition during Salone del Mobile 2012.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


The vase comes in four different sizes and is carefully measured to fit together without disturbing the vase on the bottom.


With careful stacking, the vases can accommodate a tall flower by running it through the vase on the top. Only 100 of each object will be made.


Says nendo, "100 is the perfect amount: they're neither one-off 'works of art' nor mass-produced products made in the millions. Whether its the skill of the artisans or new technologies, we want to make things that are only possible because there are 100 of them. To give owners the chance to experience the joy of owing 1%."

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