Kitchen Furniture by Vipp
by Mike / February 16, 2012
From @Vipp, "a radical reinterpretation of the kitchen" from the maker of the iconic bins.

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"Like with the Vipp bin, we bring the industrial look into the home with the new kitchen - a solid product, standing to be used day after day" says chief designer, Morten Bo Jensen.


"Vipp's experience lies within product design focusing on solid materials, mechanics and function. As a consequence we have chosen to design the Vipp kitchen as a product or rather as a piece of furniture."


"The result is a range of kitchen modules where choices have already been made based on a thorough knowledge of materials combined with an aesthetic opinion on what constitutes good design."


"A range of modules in different sizes can be combined and formed after individual needs. The complete Vipp kitchen concept unfolds in every detail - even fixtures, drawer pulls and inserts, as well as gas knobs are developed in respect to Vipp's design DNA injecting a functional and visual cohesiveness into the kitchen."


More at Vipp.

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