Video: Silestone Slab Vases by Form Us With Love
by Harry / February 15, 2012
From @formuswithlove, a series of vases that consist of rings of quartz surface Silestone which have been slipped over a metal bracket to create a watertight sculptural vase.

Rings vary in size and are cut so the shape of the vase changes with each assembly.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says FUWL, "The project aims to break away from the familiar Silestone slab form and explore the material's tactile dimension. The material is of Iberian origin, but Scandinavian sensibilities run through the Slab Vases project."


The Slab Vases were shown at the Form Us With Friends exhibition at the Swedish Museum of Architecture during Stockholm Design Week 2012.


Photos and film: Jonas Lindström

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