Rock Chair by Färg&Blanche
by Mike / February 15, 2012
From Färg&Blanche, "a rocking chair for our own time."

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Says Färg&Blanche, "Being rocked as a means of relaxation or comfort is a timeless, basic human experience. Though at some time in the early 20th century the design development of the rocking chair stopped."


"Rocking chairs frequently remain in an ornate, salon mode. Fredrik Färg's Rock Chair is a rocking chair for our own time. It continues the traditional rocking chair's comforting function but in a modern design."


"Rock Chair is a knock-down design sold in a flat pack. The five pieces are easy to fit together. When the chair has been assembled, the construction is its expressive feature. Nothing is hidden and one can see how the chair holds together."

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