Box 1-7 Modular Shelf by Pekka Kuivamäki
by Harry / February 13, 2012
From BeaMalevich , a modular shelving system that, when not in use, can be stored like a "Russian nesting doll", which in itself becomes a decorative object. From the creators of the BeaMalevich construction game.

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Says BeaMalevich, "Created by Finnish designer Pekka Kuivamäki, Box 1-7 consists of seven cubic boxes that fit into each other like Russian nesting dolls. The boxes can be attached to seven ropes of different lengths that hang from a single nail on the wall."


"Kuivamäki's inspiration for Box 1-7 came from a variety of artists and movements, including the suprematism of Kazimir Malevich, the neoplasticism of Piet Mondrian, the minimalism of Donald Judd, and other avant-garde artists and movements."


"There are many interesting modular shelves out there, but they often revolve around the same concept: playing with the shape in order to create a shocking effect -- you just have to Google 'modular shelf' to see what we're referring to. Box 1-7 is not about fancy or shocking shapes -- the seven cubes are more about finding elegance in simplicity -- but it's a truly unique concept in different ways. First of all, it's a shelf that can be hung on the wall from a single nail and constantly rearranged -- and that is unique enough. At the same time, it can be conceived as a set of decorative yet fully functional storage boxes which can be placed next to a wall or on a large table creating a stairway effect."


"Finally, in its 'Russian nesting doll' configuration, Box 1-7 can be a purely decorative object, some sort of minimalist work of art -- it's just that pleasant to look at. Indeed, Kuivamäki finds it impossible to define where design ends and art begins. Probably, he says, art and design cannot be separated. Even less so in this case."


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