Video: Tokujin Yoshioka, Now! Creator Of The Year
by Harry / February 7, 2012
From Tokujin Yoshioka, video of his Crystalized Project installation at Maison & Objet, Paris where he was named Now! Design à Vivre 2012 Creator Of The Year.

The Crystalized Project was first created in 2007, the exhibition at Now! was in honor of Yoshioka being named Creator Of The Year. Says Yoshioka, Crystalized is a reflection of the "Relationship between power of nature and human beings," and tries to create and reveal a new portrait of nature. "Crystal works, the result of the laws of nature and unpredictable beauty, pursues nature's beauty of essence, strength, and the fearful side with its astounding power."

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Crystalized Paintings

Along with the iconic crystalized Venus chair most identified with the series, new pieces were shown; crystalized paintings Étude Op.10 n°12, Fantaisie - Impromptu, Op. posth. 66, Ballade n°1 en Sol Mineur, Op. 23, which is grown using the vibration of music composed by Frederic Chopin, and the crystalized Rose object and accompanying video art work.


Crystalized Paintings (detail)


Crystalized Rose


Crystalized Rose and video artwork


Tokujin Yoshioka with Crystalized Rose

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