Video: Nooka App by Nooka
by Harry / February 2, 2012
From @Nooka, a Nooka-style clock app for iOS. "NOOKA presents a graphical representation of time that transcends the linguistics and math that make telling time difficult for a child to learn - creating a truly intuitive experience to tell time, set alarms, and visualise world-time/timezones."

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The NOOKA app has four features; Yourtime, Worldtime, Timer, and Alarm.


Yourtime displays time in a variety of face designs including Nooka's zot™, zenh™ or zirc™ face modes. Swiping left and right transitions through the displays and the eyedropper icon allows full color customization to the display allowing users to customize the clock face.


Worldtime allows users to view time around the world. "Accurate and intuitive, the worldtime category allows you to add cities (the bottom + sign) and visually see them on an accurate timetable."


Stopwatch turns the phone into a stopwatch displayed using Nooka's zot, zenh or zirc face modes. "Keep track of tasks and further your exploration of time. Swiping to the left/right switches the display, but does not disable the function while running."


Timer is, well, a timer, "simply touch the amount of hours and/or swipe the minutes to the desired amount and let the countdown begin! A push notification with alarm will sound notifying you the time is up."

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