Bento Chair and Table by Form Us With Love
by Harry / February 2, 2012
Via @architonic, a collection of semiflat-packable furniture, "an attempt to 'bridge the gap between high-design and flatpack furniture'".

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"Named after the Japanese slang word for 'convenient' as well as the Finnish tradition of bentwood, the pared-down design of 'Bento' features characteristic broad legs and both of the products".


"All Bento products are shipped in semi-flat boxes in order to ease global transportation and save storage space. Once at your doorstep, you can easily assemble the chair in just four simple steps. No tools or manuals needed."


The Bento collection will be launched at next week's Stockholm Design Week February 6 to 12, 2012 at the 'Form Us With Friends' exhibition at The Swedish Museum of Architecture.


More at Form Us With Love and One Nordic Furniture Company.

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