Edible Tableware by Michelle Ivankovic
by Harry / February 1, 2012
Seen at Not Forkchops during @todesignoffsite, tableware made of pasta. Says Ivankovic, "I ate my errors... and I loved every bite of it."

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"My guess is that I make more mistakes than the average person. I try new things and I make a lot of mistakes along the way. Sometimes learning from them, sometimes learning nothing, but always savouring."


"I think I got this bug from growing up in Toronto. Torontonians are no strangers to trying new things. We are descendants of adventurous risk takers."


"As I experiment with formulas to create an edible and functional plate, my studio looks more like a laboratory than a kitchen, with bags of flour lying scattered between beakers, powders and stirring sticks."


"When I take the fractured segments home I boil them in a pot of water then slather them with sauce. While I eat them up I feel homesick. I think about how I'll do it differently tomorrow."


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