Mathieu Lehanneur by Robert Klanten & Sven Ehmann
by Harry / January 30, 2012
From @GestaltenNews, a Mathieu Lehanneur monograph from German publisher Gestalten. "Within it the designer unveils the other side of the coin, his intellectual and visual approach."

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Says Gestalten, "This book is atypical through its revelation of the path leading to the finished product: the book gathers photos which inspired, sketches, photos of processes, objects in context and immerses the reader into the very heart of the designerÂ’s studio."


Lehanneur draws inspiration from the fields of cognitive, mathematical and biological sciences to create forms and functionalities in stark contrast to ‘classic approaches to design: an air purifier using plants; a water shaped mister; indoor water features; sculptural home electronics...


"This first monograph is a collection of more than ten years work through exclusive images and interventions from prestigious contributors." The book features a preface by Ross Lovegrove, an introduction by MoMA's Paola Antonelli and a conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist. Available at Amazon.

Photos: courtesy Gestalten.

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