Sezz Chairs by Christophe Pillet
by Harry / January 25, 2012
From Emeco, a collection of handmade recycled aluminum chairs, stools and swivel chairs originally made for, and inspired by, the Hotel Sezz in St-Tropez.

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A Villa bedroom at the Sezz Hotel in St.Tropez

Pillet's collaboration with Emeco began at the Hotel Sezz in St.Tropez, says Pillet, "All hotels in the area are the same - fashion hotels. I wanted the opposite.The precious thing for me is the quality of the sun in southern France. I wanted the hotel to feel like the smell of the skin when you are on the beach."


"It is all about taking advantage of nature, the shadows, the trees, the sun - truly creating a down tempo. It is more like building a scenography or blending a perfume using the ingredients and flavors of past memories,"said Pillet.


The collection is a fusion of comfort and durability. "The look is very subtle, but holds an unbelievable quality; you don't see the welding, the recycled aluminum, the indestructibleness, they are all real but invisible values, the hidden territory of a luxury product".


Sezz emphasizes Christopher Pillet's ongoing interest of the emotional connection to objects. "The chair is not made to look a certain way, but to make you instantly want to climb up in it and have a nap. The idea is to be timeless and create desires, using the objects in its purest form. When you collect, you choose items you would like to keep for a long time and not throw away, even when these items are not in fashion, you still love them".


"Today we buy items because we desire the memories attached. I sometimes see my job as a designer just like the writers, artists or movie makers - it is about storytelling. You buy furniture because they are representing your sentimental values, like keeping old photographs. Its all moments in your life. Same when you are choosing furniture, its building your story".


Sezz is manufactured at the Emeco factory in Pennsylvania, USA.

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