Gudpaka Lamp by Great Things To People
by Harry / January 17, 2012
From @guillermoparada, a thermoformed ABS structure alpaca hair woven on alpaca felt lamp. "Gudpaka lamp represents the concept of Digital Crafting in its maximum expression."

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Says gt2P, Gudpaka "brings together manufacturing processes and production from both the field of digital and technological to that of the artisan and low tech."


"It is a game of opposites. Besides merging digital and traditional (in its manufacturing process), meets also the global and the local (in its design process), vegetable and animal (in its appearance), smooth shapes and flat faces (in its geometry), northern and southern (in the Chilean materials used)."


"The manufacturing process involved the development of a low cost mold of cut and routed MDF by CNC machinery for thermoforming the structure that supports the materials that converge on the lamp. The inner faces of Coigue plywood were cut by laser cutting machine as well as the alpaca felt strips. Then, the outer covering was woven by hand from wasted hair in the process of obtaining Alpaca wool."


More at Great Things To People.

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