Husk Outdoor Furniture by Patricia Urquiola
by Harry / January 13, 2012
From @BeB_Italia & @muuuz, outdoor furniture made of recycled and recyclable materials and featuring a hard shell with a set of soft cushions.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


"Like the indoor version, Husk Outdoor is made of recycled and recyclable materials, highlighting B&B Italia's keen awareness of topics such as ecology and environmental sustainability."


"In addition to recycled materials, the production process is designed to ensure that all components are put together so they can be fully disassembled, thus simplifying the recycling process and reducing the environmental impact."


"Husk Outdoor features a hard shell made of Hirek® and a set of soft cushions to express an original design language that is a tribute to softness. The body is white, while the fixed seat support is available in the painted shades of white, black, orange, acid green, sky blue. Cushions come in two versions, with larger sizes on the seat or on the backrest, and are covered by technical fabric that is available in five shades: white, beige, orange, acid green, sky blue. The water-passing padding enables water to seep through the cushions without stagnation."

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