RnB Extended Edition Chair by The Dza
by Harry / January 12, 2012
From The Dza, the Rietveld chair remixed. Four 12" variations of the iconic Rietveld Chair, "In celebration of Rietveld year, we are proud to launch D-W-A, with RnB (the redesign project)."

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"The redesign project is an experiment into using music as inspiration in the design process, we 'remix' existing designs according to various musical genres, with the hope of making design as expressive as music.

Rietveld's Red/Blue was one of the most revolutionary chairs of the 20th century and now nearly a hundred years later another revolution is at hand. D-W-A (working with music) draws its inspiration from the music industry where sampling, remixing, covers and collaborations are commonplace.

The redesign project is based on a 12" vinyl single release and is realized at a scale of 1:3 so as to keep the pieces around 12″. This iconic chair has been interpreted according to various musical genres including pop, classical, chill-out and dub."


RnB Ikea (pop), assembled version is the one above this one

A flat pack edition of the chair that can be assembled over a weekend, giving one an understanding of the simplicity and also the complexity of its construction.


RnB Classical (classical)

Featuring a fine craft aesthetic and constructed from naturally contrasting woods.


RnB Extended Edition (chill-out)

For two people to sit back with their feet up and relax.


RnB King Tubby (dub)

An homage to "the true king, King Tubby the Jamaican dub legend to give the chair that heavy feeling it has been constructed from larger section batons, has a wider seat, an increased back angle and of course is painted in the Rasta colors.

These experiments have led us to conclude that music can help design change the world. Side B is in post production."


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