Video: Balance Task Lamp by Mieke Meijer
by Harry / January 11, 2012
From Mieke Meijer, a task lamp that resembles a tower crane. Balance consists of two balancing wooden posts connected by a single wire.

The task lamp was created for the 'Untouchables' show by Dutch Invertuals.

"The starting point for the exhibition was the sense that we live in a rapidly changing world, a world where past securities are fading. Insecurity and sometimes discomfort are the result. Privacy and liberty are traded for safety. The Invertuals were asked to derive inspiration, ask questions and maybe even provide answers from this idea."


Meijer's response to the theme was the notion that the right balance is the key. "Action and reaction have to be proportional but not always equal and opposite. When researching balance and equilibrium an image that kept appearing was the static diagram of a tower crane."


As industrial structures are a reoccurring theme in Meijer's work, the static equilibrium of a tower crane became the blueprint for the Balance light. "She translated the theme of vulnerability into a lamp that consists of two balancing wooden posts connected by a single wire. The result is a LED lamp which combines high bright LED technology with tactile materialization."


The unique advantages of LED - low voltage drive, small volume and light weight - have been integrated in the design. LEDs are hidden within the horizontal post. Over the entire length of both posts a brass strip conducts the low voltage current. When the brass strips touch, the electrical circuit is closed and the light turns on.


A bright colored electrical wire connects the two wooden sticks and creates a balance. The lamp is adjustable by sliding the horizontal post and can be switched on and off by turning it or by laying it down. More at Mieke Meijer.

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