Wi-Fi-enabled WF457 Front-Load Washer by Samsung
by Harry / January 10, 2012
From @Samsungtweets, a large capacity Wi-Fi-enabled front-load washer. The washer's Smart Control system features smartphone apps enabling remote start or pauses from anywhere in the house, various notifications (eg., cycle complete) and other unique functions.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


In addition, the WF457 has the largest washer load capacity in the industry at 5.2 cu. ft. (fits up to 31 bath towels), an 8" color LCD touch screen, Water Shot Technology that cuts cycle time by 25% vs. conventional washers and PowerFoam™ Technology that infuses detergent with air and water to "create a more powerful - yet gentle - cleaning foam that penetrates fabrics quicker".


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