Glitch Reality II Tea Set by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
by Harry / January 9, 2012
From @m_pf, a 3D printed tea set made up of virtualized "non-matching tea set components".


Says Plummer-Fernandez, the "tea set was created by purchasing non-matching tea set components, scanning them with a Z-corporation 3D scanner and roughly repairing the digital mesh files."


"The mesh files are then 3D printed to create an instance of this tea-set data that inherits the glitches from the analogue-to-digital-to-analogue translation."


Scanning teapot parts

The digital blueprints for the Glitch Reality II tea set are available at the Shapeways shop and can be 3D printed in a range of materials. More at Matthew Plummer-Fernandez.

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