Winter Wonderland by Paprika
by Harry / December 16, 2011
From @PaprikaMontreal, holiday windows that evoke the Canadian winter, using mops. For the fourth year in a row furniture maker and retailer Domison has teamed up with design firm Paprika to spice up their Holiday windows.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


The white strings of the mop is the starting point and an essential element of the installation. "Fluffy, white and soft, it reminds us of snow, wool and for those with a little more imagination, the big white beard of no other one than Santa."


With more than 100 mops Paprika outfitted the windows of Domison's new store in Toronto. "The result is a delightful forest of brooms and strings that can be enjoyed as an abstract and graphic installation or a little house in the snow."


As with all of their previous installations the components are fully recyclable.

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