V&A Christmas Tree by Studio Roso
by Harry / December 13, 2011
From Studio Roso, a Christmas tree installation made up of 3.3 miles of elastic cord for the Victoria & Albert Museum. The handmade tree reaches more than four meters high with a total of 1500 individual strands combined in groups of 10 to create the outline of a traditional tree.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says Studio Roso, "Within these cords a number of geometric shapes are created, referencing both traditional Christmas ornaments and the crystal- line structure of snowflakes and icicles, providing a decorative garland throughout the installation."


"The design for the tree was inspired by the intricate craft of bobbin lacing, a technique often used in traditional Christmas decorations."


"The project schedule was three weeks so Studio Roso emphasized on using readily available materials and processes, in order to meet the tight deadline. The project ran with all phases in parallel: Design, detailing and fabrication was all a combined process."




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