Kal Nested Seating by Luna Seo
by Harry / December 11, 2011
From Luna Seo, a set of stools, made from folded Reynobond sheets and felt. Reynobond is a light, flat and durable aluminum sandwich plate with a mirrored finish.

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Says Seo, "One side of these stools are cut slightly different compared to each other, allowing the user to discover endless aspects of the furniture while placing them around, or even when stacking."


"The barely noticeable angle makes a great difference on the stools, allowing it to 'transform' in endless ways."


"By using reflective material, the stool does not have an outfit of its own; instead reflects its surroundings, which keeps it in an ever-changing status. The mirrored surface reflects the environment and creates an interaction that will never be able to repeat."


"The name 'Kal' is extracted from the word kaleidoscope (referring to the definition: a succession of changing phases or actions)."


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