Whispers Wallpaper by Marcel Wanders
by Harry / December 8, 2011
From Graham & Brown, a wallpaper design collection by Marcel Wanders. "This innovative collection is powerful and mysterious, celebrating polarity and the art of observation."

"Wanders' Whispers collection celebrates polarity and the art of observation - little secrets paired with soft, velvet whispers sparkling upon rough textured wallpaper offers home decorators the chance to live their wildest dreams through this mysterious and intriguing wallpaper."

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Rose Beds

"Rose Beds will uncover the vast beyond. What was once cloaked in darkness gently illuminates to reveal a secret rose garden. Smooth and soft as velvet, the roses sparkle in the moonlight. With each twinkle of light, a whisper of love is sent to the stars."


Braille Chester

"Braille Chester encompasses hidden messages escaping from a black universe. A secret language chronicles stories that can only be discerned by searching eyes. Gaze deeply and you will decipher inviting whispers."


Forest Muses

"Forest Muses is transient and daring, with fairies camouflaged to the naked eye. It is but the soft whispers they breathe that beckon you forward. Darkness breaks and in a moment the fairies emerge, dancing through the damask forest. 'Closer, Closer', they whisper,'may we dance for you?'"


Key Muses

"Key Muses is delivered by fairies on the wind; the keys encompass you. Murmurs, sighs and whispers imbue the air; they speak softly to avoid being overheard. Though each is a very small, her secrets are tremendous. Any key is yours. Will it unlock your dreams? Your Love? Your Heart?"


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