Sasa Clock by Thorunn Arnadottir
by Harry / November 23, 2011
From Icelandic Contemporary Design, a clock by Thorunn Arnadottir that tells time via a colour coded necklace of wood beads hanging from a slowly rotating stainless steel carousel.

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Inspired by cultures where the rhythms of nature dictate the flow of time, the Sasa Clock doles out the time in leisurely 5 minute intervals instead of parsing time into seconds.


24 Hour, Blue

The Sasa Clock encourages users to slow down, relax and let time flow. Says Daniel Estes (the developer of the clock), "Clocks are a perfect example of our technology controlling us. They dictate when we wake up, start and finish our workday, complete tasks and projects, and encourage us to ever increase our rate of output. A byproduct of concept of time is ever more frenzied haste, stress, and disquietude."


The Sasa Clock aims to reduce stress by changing the way we perceive time. "As the carousel turns, it slowly advances the wooden bead until it drops down a gap in the necklace. The last bead to have dropped indicates the correct time. The action of the beads slowly edging towards a precipice and then dropping - like a dewdrop from a leaf - gives us the impression that time is moving more slowly."

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