Wunderkammer Keepsake Box by Joe Doucet
by Harry / November 8, 2011
From Joe Doucet, a box to safe keep artwork, a keepsake box, "self contained space providing both storage and enjoyment of the delicate works."

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"This project began by rethinking the role of a keepsake box from an object which simply protects artwork and memorabilia to something which can protect the experience one has while viewing and interacting with the work. It transforms from mere storage to an immersive environment, comfortable and well-lit, where the viewer may participate, engage and reflect with the treasures contained within."

Wunderkammer will be shown at Kin Coda, an exhibition hosted by Fritz Hansen and We-Are-Familia, marking the completion of a series of 25 Keepsake Boxes, each box a sculptural assemblage of found, recycled and surplus materials (provided by Fritz Hansen).

14 artists were invited to design and fabricate boxes 12-25; Brendan Ravenhill (LA), Fort Standard (BK), Chen Chen and Kai (BK), David Weeks (BK), Joe Doucet (NYC), UM Project (BK), Nightwood (BK), Silva Bradshaw (BK), Steph Mantis (BK), Kiel Mead (BK), Brian Balderston (BK), Iacoli + McAllister (Seattle), MN*LS (Austria), Patrick Townsend (Long Island City) and Jennifer Garcia (NYC).

Boxes 12 to 25 will be on display at the Fritz Hansen showroom on Wooster Street, in Soho, New York City, from November 17th through November 22nd, 2011.


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