Carbon Fiber Furniture by Nicholas Spens & Sir James Dyson
by Harry / November 6, 2011
From Carbon Fiber Gear, Sir James Dyson-commissioned coffee tables, dining chairs and sun loungers made of carbon fiber by Nicholas Spens. "All of the furniture was to be used outdoors. Sir James Dyson was looking to have something unique and have the ability to design something from scratch that he drew to his requirements."

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"The dining chairs and coffee tables were based on a simple 'Z' shape profile that had to be self supportive without the use of supports or bracing. But the shape was to be kept as thin as possible."


"After some calculations, I came up with a build process which kept the overall thickness of the pieces to 1cm, yet still maintain a product that worked. Once this had been achieved the loungers were created the same way so all the furniture had a shared symmetry to create an overall design ethos."


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