Play-Less Toys by Marloe Bakx
by Harry / October 31, 2011
From Marloe Bakx, designer toys for design interiors made to stay in open view, "So parents can keep the interior clean and styled without 'hiding boxes' for the toys."

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Bakx's graduation project at ArtEZ (the academy of arts in Arnhem, NL) was on the evolution of the children's market, as she says "[as] I think there are a lot of changes in their lives and the lives of the parents from today."


"Toys are often ugly, plastic and irritating objects that 'break' the interior. I asked myself how playing should evolve in the future in a context like this." The answer was a collection of toys that look like a natural part of designer interiors. "My toys can be 'used' like a showpiece in their home AND bring joy to the children."

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