The Scarf by Alessandra Murgia
by Harry / October 30, 2011
From Autoctona, jewelry "that transcends the conventional definition of jewelry, clothing or accessory. It can be worn as a necklace, a scarf and a belt."

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Says Murgia, The Scarf "also offers the greatest possibility of interaction between the object and the person wearing it. The sleek opening/closing system grabs the twelve ropes and secure them at a desired length giving the opportunity to reach the desired look."


The large slider helps keep the ropes together, controlling their volume at the desired point.


The scarf is made of hand cast sterling silver and naturally hand dyed nylon rope.


"The star and one line is rooted in the elegance of minimalist tradition combined with contemporary sporting and craft references. The pieces were conceived with the vision of treating metal as a fabric textile and sewing through it, their adjustable nature enables interaction between the body and the object."

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