Happy Sleepy at upART Contemporary Art Fair
by Harry / October 29, 2011
Via @GladstoneHotel, "Reef", a textile art + painted paper sculpture installation by Happy Sleepy, aka Magda Wojtyra and Marc Ngui at the upART Contemporary Art Fair in Toronto.


Reef by Happy Sleepy

The Reef includes an ongoing 3D quilt project called Polytopia, it's a "sewn textile exploration of form and composition inspired by geometry, evolution, and utopian states" that in this instance forms a coral nursery for highly stylized fish that hang in front called Geoms.

"The textiles are various dead stock and post industry remnants. Inspired by bottom up organization and doing the best with what's available while responding to an irrepressible will to being, the Reef explores geometry as a bridge between the material world and the world of ideas. The installation fuses ecological, mechanical, and geometric narratives into a creation myth of an ideal state of existence that is at the heart of the Happy Sleepy collaboration."


Superorganism 1 by Yshia Wallace

Also at upART, a pendant porcelain and wire sculpture by Yshia Wallace called Superorganism 1.

The Gladstone's annual contemporary art fair coincides with Art Toronto and has been a site of experimentation and emergent work for more five years. Photos: Ann Gagno.


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