Angle Bluetooth Headset by Harboun, Coubronne, Chabrier
by Harry / October 29, 2011
From Michaël Harboun, a user-friendly design for a Bluetooth headset that's "as intuitive as picking up a phone. Everything lies in the move. In an easy gesture, you activate the conversation by sliding the phone on your ear."

"The movement naturally lays down the Angle on your ear and you can now benefit from the hands-free communication. You can also share a conversation with a friend without letting other people around listen to the discussion. You just need to depose the Angle on your friend's ear and you can continue talking by using your phone."

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"Plugged into the jack port, the middle part of the case acts as a charger, which enables the Angle to be loaded in the same time than the phone."


Angle is a prototype created by Michaël Harboun, Antoinne Coubronne, and Thomas Chabrier in partnership with telecommunications provider Orange and is currently being studied by the company for possible manufacturing.


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