Nest Learning Thermostat by Tony Fadell
by Harry / October 25, 2011
Via @wired, a thermostat that programs itself and saves energy by the hardware designer of the Apple iPod. "Just answer a few setup questions, make a week's worth of temperature adjustments, and Nest takes it from there." More at Nest.

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Rotate the outer ring to adjust the temperature.

Nest programs itself based on the temperatures the user enters in the first "learning week". It then automatically turns down heating or cooling when the user is away to save energy and will keep refining its schedule over time.


The display turns blue when cooling and red when heating.

The unit can also guide the user to more energy-efficient temperatures, displaying the Leaf as a reward when the temperature is set to a more energy-efficient setting.


Push down to open the menu.

The Auto-Away™ feature can sense when no one is home and will lower the temperature, saving energy. Energy History is also available to see how much is saved and Nest can connect to a home's Wi-Fi to control it from a laptop, smartphone or tablet to change the temperature, adjust a schedule and check energy usage.

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