2012 Naturalist Almanac by Free Time Industries
by Harry / October 17, 2011
From Free Time Industries, an annual calendar in poster form that seeks to "understand the bigger picture, visualize the cycles of the moon, seasonal harvests, animal migration, and realize how they all overlay and influence one another."

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The Naturalist Almanac is meant to be rotated at each season, creating a new ritual for the passing of time.


"Starting from the center, the almanac tells you how to find the North Star, length of daylight, solstices, seasons, daylight savings, important days, living via the astrological signs, and keeping track of moon and menstrual cycles."


"The almanac also gives seasonal information on topics such as hunting, fishing, foraging, building, health, gardening, raising ducks, weaving, raising bees, starting fires, and natural cleaning methods." Also by Free Time Industries, the Swing Blade Pencil Sharpener and the Faraday Tea Set.


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