Solar Homestead, Solar Decathlon People's Choice Award
by Ted Savage / October 4, 2011
Via @jetsongreen, the Solar Homestead from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, took the majority of nearly 93,000 votes to win the Solar Decathlon 2011 People's Choice Award. Although finishing twelfth overall in the main competition, the Homestead came in third in Architecture, second in Communications, tied for first in Hot Water, and tied for third in Home Entertainment.

Rather radical Solar Homestead innovations include six detachable OMs (Outbuilding Modules) that collect solar energy for the house and provide utility spaces for storage or other uses, and the Flex-OM, a mobile, self-powered, 120 sqf space that's perfect as an extra room, all served by a 60' covered Great Porch, complete with outdoor kitchen. An updated Trombe wall, and high-efficiency solar canopy contribute to the home's net-zero profile. More at Solar Homestead. Photo: Jim Tetro/U.S. DOE.

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