Villa 4.0 by Dick van Gameren architecten
by Ted Savage / September 30, 2011
Via @ArchDaily, a carefully considered sustainable update to an existing home in the Netherlands: "the idea was to consider practically and level-headedly at every step how the house could be least taxing on the environment in both the short and the long term."


The upgrade reused existing materials, and insulated and reinsulated, wherever possible. A floor heating system, using low temperature water from a thermal storage unit, heats or cools, while a second, ceiling system from the same unit cools the bedrooms. For additional cooling, a roof-top pump sprays water from the brook, which runs off back to the source. Natural air circulation is assisted by a ventilation system when necessary. A high-efficiency wood stove also benefits from the airflow design, allowing heat to spread through the house. In winter, the living room receives the heat benefit of full-length south-facing windows.

The list goes on... All living spaces receive daylight from at least two directions, all artificial lighting is LED-based. Much of the furniture is built-in, using sustainable materials like bamboo wherever possible. Waste water - graywater - is organically purified and discharged into the brook. And the new garden layout, tended by an electric mower, is "informed as much as possible by the replanting of existing trees and shrubs." More at Dick van Gameren architecten. Photos: Marcel van der Burg - Primabeeld.

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