Prefab Studio by Sett Studio
by Ted Savage / September 30, 2011
Via @jetsongreen, tiny, prefabricated, sustainably-designed spaces for easy home addition, with no building permit required in many areas. Recommended for "home office, art studio, yoga space, kids room, game room, guest room," in either 97 or 192 sqf.


Sett Studios are built with SIPs, "the most energy and material-efficient building component available." Interiors use Monotread, "a durable, seamless, sustainable material for floors, walls and ceilings, produced from fast-growing, underutilized, inexpensive wood species grown in carefully managed forests."


Also employed, siding made from Shou-Sugi-Ban, a Japanese charred-wood treatment that "weatherizes the wood, prevents bugs and rot, and has enhanced fire-resistance."


Windows and doors are energy-efficient, Low-e, double-pane glass and ENERGY STAR certified. Comes with a 25' power cord to simply plug it in. More at Sett Studio. Photos: Sett Studio, Blake Gordon Photography.

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