Monzón Storage System by Maria Rodilla and Carla López
by Harry / September 27, 2011
Valencia design studio Tuca takes a simple material (wide bands of elastic), injects it with vivid colour and uses it for a variety of storage solutions: embedded in a coffee table, wall-mounted or as an expandable hanging basket.

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Wall-mounted Monzón Storage

Says Tuca, "The toucan's colors, the cobweb's shape and foliage's denseness. The essence of the jungle reflected in a furniture collection. The elasticity of the bands contrasts with the solid wooden material, a juxtaposition that fills the house with contrasting textures and materialities."


Aldrovanda Coffee Table

"The combination of wood and colorful elastic bands creates an original product that challenges the conventional materialities of objects.  Contrasting materials working together to make an object that makes our life a bit easier and more interesting."


La Trampa Hanging Basket

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