Detached House by Architectural Practice ARHIS
by Ted Savage / September 25, 2011
Via @designboom, a complete makeover of a small, single-family home from the 1950's in Jurmala, Latvia, with the interior opened up into a freeflowing space.


Situated on a lushly green site, the house exterior is reskinned in subtly complementary dark grey vertical wood panels. Two outdoor decks and a hip-and-valley roof form impart a "cabin- or farmstead-like stature," while a glazed corner serves as a "miniature conservatory within the living space."


"Windows and doors are punched into the surface of the facade, maintaining the original glazing of the structure behind a now insulated wall. Through details and finishes, the project reads as a house that is literally 'wearing' a new skin." More at Architectural Practice ARHIS. Photos: courtesy of ARHIS.

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