Motorhome by Andrew Simpson Architects
by Ted Savage / September 22, 2011
Via @ArchDaily, a free-spirited suburban structure in coastal Port Fairy, Australia, "positioned ambiguously between being a dedicated home and holiday house." According to the architects, "If we were to provide a subtitle for Motorhome, we might propose 'Home Away from Home,' 'Suburban Retreat' or 'Quarter Acre Getaway.'"


The design balances the permanence of a house and the transience of an RV. "On one side a more grounded, hermetic, metal clad box contains the bedrooms and bathroom. On the other is an elevated open plan kitchen, living and dining area defined by a north facing polycarbonate clad wall that draws light into the house. Ceiling and wall twist in counterpoint to each other, creating the illusion of a membrane construction that conveys a sense of weightlessness and provisional shelter." More at Andrew Simpson Architects. Photos: Christine Francis.

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