jBatik by Nancy Margried
by Ted Savage / September 22, 2011
Via @homebuildlife, Batik Fractal, a modernizing spin on the ancient Indonesian batik fabric process, is "an innovation, a product and a brand, Batik Fractal Indonesia." Patterns are created with 3D math - a fractal formula on jBatik Software - then applied with "traditional hand writing or stamping resist dye coloring with traditional batik artisans." The result is "a contemporary batik fabric."

Batik is one of 936 properties designated by UNESCO as "forming part of the cultural and natural heritage" of the world, "having outstanding universal value" - the best that Earth has to offer. The jBatik software was "devised by Nancy Margried and two fractal mathematicians who created Pixel People Project in 2007." More at Nancy Margried.


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