Kult Tableware by Ivanka Concrete Works
by Ted Savage / September 22, 2011
From Ivanka, a collection of concrete serving plates and dishes. "Taking their mission of starting a concrete revolution one step further Ivanka unveils its latest innovation, Kult products by Ivanka, a collection of modular concrete tableware."

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After presenting their Gastro board in Milan in 2010, Ivanka was invited by Boook Publishing to collaborate on the design, creation, development and production of a new series of tableware.


Kult Products was the result of the unique collaboration. The tableware is made using Ivanka's high performance concrete and shaped into various modular forms.


Says Ivanka, "This new concept of tableware allows us to shape the table-landscape according to our actual needs and desire - a dinner for two or a party for twenty."


"The debut of the objects takes place in a revolutionary cookbook by international master chef Viktor Segal. The chef, whose first cookbook - featuring early Ivanka Gastro elements - has been selected as Best Cookbook in Hungary in 2010, is offering fusion dishes for the shared joy of eating - presenting his creations on Kult Products."


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